Friday, 24 April 2015

Some nocturnal inspiration just hit me and to hell with it, I can't keep it in, I gotta let it out, the world's gotta see..

I'm an Elon Musk fanboy and he says stuff like even if there is a small chance that pumping countless amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere could end in catastrophe we should not do this experiment. By that (sound IMHO) logic even if there is a small chance of there being a loving God why would you take the risk of flippantly rejecting him.

People say a loving god would not send people to hell, but what if hell is defined as being away from God and God is everything that is good, then hell is a no-good place which sounds pretty bad.

I believe everybody gets one important multiple choice question in life that you have to answer: do you want to accept or reject God? If you reject Him he will respect your answer and send you away-from-Him a.k.a. hell. You may say how can that be fair if you have to make that choice without having all this info, but I just told you so you can't argue that anymore.

God gave us the free will to choose - to test if you will choose Him freely. If it was 100% scientifically provable that there is a God that loves you etc. what choice will that be? I believe God hides himself just enough to not coerce. If you assume there is no god maybe you can convince yourself all makes sense but I know if you assume God(Jesus) then all makes sense.

I believe He is fair and will take everything in to account:
What about people that never heard this? God is good (TM) and just so he will not punish people who really didn't get any chance to know Him. He is almighty so I trust that he can figure something out to fairly adjudge such cases - a lot of people are arrogant and judge God in this without knowing what lengths God went to to woo them over - if an almighty loving God exist then He can and will judge fairly.

People say all the bad stuff in the world is proof that there is no god.
Again God gave people free will, the option to do terrible things to others even to eat the forbidden fruit that cursed the whole world. [We endure all the pain in the world for a short time (compared to eternity) but He feels your pain literally and he will find a way to make all right/good again]. People made the choices - we have all done bad (no-good) things. We all deserve bad things, but God loves us and offers you another chance to accept Him, he is willing to forgive&forget ALL your mistakes. You have the option to reject Him of coarse but I would not really recommend that.

So take a chance on God maybe He surprises you, just be real and ask Him to show himself to you today.

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