Monday, 24 June 2013

First proper prints on the h4hjozi printrbot \o/

Yesterday I finally managed to finish calibrating the 3d printer that I've been building for about a year now. I didn't spend enough time on it before, but since I've joined the 3D Printing community on Google+ I got more focused on actually finishing the thing.

This is the first non-calibration object I printed.

(I forgot to turn of the anti-gravity engines for this video, sorry).

With the addition of the fan and properly levelling the bed things started to look much better. However when printing thin walls I kept on seeing "row of dots instead of a line" and it was not laminating properly. The parameter in slic3r I found that helped was "Extrusion multiplier" and I ended up on 1.75! I just realised though that I should have rather increased then hotend temperature above the 185°C I was using... will do that next time :)

As you can see I printed some stubbys (one with a screw on bottom and its main body printed with support) and a couple of rings.

The thread actually works!

Thanks to openhardware from where the printrbot was sourced. A lot of additional community support came from Org and Gert from house4hack, thanks a lot guys!

Update: printer layout for KobusJ:

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  1. Wow!!! That is some awesome looking stubby! Well done on calibration