Thursday, 28 April 2011

Uncapped 512 kbps liberating

Last week I decided I want faster internet so I upgraded my Telkom line to 512kbps (from 384kps) after a quick phone call and waiting a couple of days for the activation. In general my surfing experience didn't improve much but the odd download does come down much quicker, and concurrent downloads doesn't interfere that much with each other any more. I know people in other countries probably laugh at these oxwagon speeds in 2011, but c'mon this is Africa.

I finally took the plunge last night and went over to uncapped internet. Afrihost makes for a great impulse buy since they charge pro-rata for the first month and have instant activation for existing customers. I don't think I'll ever  be able to go back. I'm already torrenting and and downloading big stuff like the latest ubuntu and XP service packs (for family m'kay you can't choose them..) that I usually would avoind or get through other means.

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