Saturday, 22 November 2008

kubuntu intrepid automount external harddrive

The new intrepid kubuntu comes with a nice plasmoid where mountable partitions show up wehen you plug in USB flash disks and external hard drives.
The problem is, they don't get mounted automatically, which is what I want (to streamline my backup process). Fortunitely I found this thread which gave me a hint:

I first tried to download and build devicenotifier_automount from sources, but then after downloading a ton of -dev packages etc. and still not getting it to build, it dawned on me to look for a PPA. I found one:
I've installed it successfully but haven't restarted X & tested yet.
Edit: so it seems you don't need to restart X, just use the `New Device Notifier Automount` plasmoid. Works great so far (2 minutes of testing:)

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