Thursday, 3 October 2013

Tuunyyte at h4hjozi

It was quite a successful (but sadly intimate) evening at h4hjozi. I managed to hack the printrbot together again after the unfortunate meltdown we had 2 weeks ago (note to self: don't leave PLA parts in direct sunlight during a heatwave again).

After checking all the axis and endstops and re-leveling I printed my trusted quicky print: a butterfly fridge magnet. I printed one for our fridge but kept on giving it away so now, I make sure that I always keep a spare one around in my print demo box.

Devin also finally managed a good gnu print at h4hjozi which is a great relief. I think I would have given up long ago if I had to suffer all the inexplicable problems he had. Just overjoyed that it is finally working \o/

I think this is a new h4h jozi meetup record: 2 working printers, each creating something successfully.

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