Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Productive beach holiday.

The previous 2 weeks have been quite a productive holiday for me:

  • I wrote the start of a bazaar java library.
  • I learned the intro of The Call of Ktulu on the guitar (My brother happened to bring a guitar along and I had the tabs and I wanted to stay in practice, although nylon strings hardly breaks the skin).
  • I finally started reading The art of community (17% so far on my kindle)
  • I played a little of Warzone 2100 but got stuck on a transporter mission.
  • I finally got a new personal communication device (Samsung Galaxy SII)
  • Went to the mall almost every day.
  • I listened to 2 books, one driving down and one driving up. (Millionaire Upgrade - it was free ok, and Love & Respect)
  • Oh yeah I also went to the beach, built some sand castles and played with my son Dawid. It was his first time at the see and at 15 months he is the cutest boy in the world right now. He was a bit of a hand full on the beach, exploring far an wide, making friends, breaking my sandcastles... 
  • We also went to Croc-world and uShaka Marine World.

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