Wednesday, 21 September 2011

I just could not sit it anymore

Len Weincier opened my eyes to the possibility of a standing desk a couple of months ago and I've been pondering it ever since.
Recently I found myself in much pain when having to sit and work for extended periods of time (Since my baby son started sleeping in his own room about a month back I can't work in his room lying on my back any more).
It is so distracting that I'd rather stop working and go to bed.

Well tonight I could not sit it any more and I decided to try it out. I was thinking about all the things I'll need to move around if I want space in front of a wall in my study and how much work it will be, then it dawned on me I have everything I need to build a prototype and try it out.
My standing desk version 1.0 (to my wife's dismay I'm sure when she sees this in the morning):

Long-running preparations:
  • Learned to touch type (with the help of learning to type using the Colemak keyboard layout)
  • Got a proper usb keyboard to try this out.

Next steps:
  • I'm still googling to find out if its a good idea in the long term, but for now this seems much nicer.
  • Get some stickers to put on the index finger home keys. I saw Gary van der Merwe had them and I think it will help me a lot because this new keyboard has really tiny dots for feeling the where your index fingers should go.
  • See if I can come up with a better design with a higher spouse approval factor. It would be cool to have something that can easily convert between standing and sitting to avoid over-standing it.
  • Get a LCD screen so I don't have to balance my laptop so tenderly.
  • I can already see that my touchtyping skills will go to a next level with this because my hands are now under my laptop and thus it is much harder to steel a quick glimps (especially for seldomly used keys)

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  1. WOW!!! Awesome!!! Knowing you I am not surprised, and I think to wonder you've been going to bed early (explained through your blog...) and yep, Wifie will...I don't know, but it sure made me laugh!!
    BTW, thank you for making it possible for me to get a blog this morning.
    I woke up at 4am, thinking, tossing, turning, planning..deciding to tweet about flowers, and there you blogged my view in my inbox.....
    Now its time to blog! Thank you xx