Monday, 28 February 2011

Toshiba Qosmio X500-12V

I got my new lappy a couple of months ago, so I better post already or hold my peace.
I'm quite impressed, although I haven't tried to get everything working yet still need to play with multitouch and the fingerprint reader . Suspend to disk didn't work and I haven't tried to suspend to ram yet, but it is booting so fast that I don't really need that.

I got a solid state and conventional harddrive, where the solid state disk performs about twice as good as the conventional one (was hoping for better, but it is ok).
SSD: 152.64 MB/sec
HDD: 89.22 MB/sec

* I Managed to migrate my previous installation  (Ubuntu maverick) from my other laptop, moving around directories into special partitions (having most of the main os on the SSD but pointing /var/cache /var/log /var/tmp to the HDD)
* I had to fight a bit with grub and X to get it to work on the new hardware, but it was worth it in the end.
* I now get much better wireless reception:). (previously my connection died all the time:(
* The nvidia drivers works nicely which makes desktop effects work well - I can invert my desktop colours at last!
* Vista in a virtualbox works seamlessly for me now.
* bzr tests runs in 5 minutes now in stead of 18.
* gwt extensions compile in a minute now and does not lock up my laptop; previously it ran for over 5 minutes during which I could barely read e-mail because the system was so busy.
* Eclipse starts and stops a LOT quicker yay!
* Sound is really good (with the 3 watt harman/kardon 1by3's).
* Got the card reader working with some tweaking:

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