Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Overheating laptop

A couple of weeks ago I could reliably get my laptop to overheat by just running the bazaar unit tests.

By googling I found that it could help to clean out the fan,
so I opened it a bit but gave up because I didn't have time to open it up completely.

Recently it got much worse, I could not even open eclipse without having a household fan directed at my laptop.

I decided today is the day. I had to remove about 30 screws and the processing unit heat sinks to get at them little radiators. They were a bit filthy of coarse, but its all cleaned now. I had to file off 1mm of a 3mm flat screwdriver bit so that I can unscrew about 11 2mm hexagonal screws.. . One screw got lost somewhere, I hope its not stuck somewhere where it can cause problems - that must be what doctors think if they are missing something after performing surgery.

It seems much better now, the fan doesn't even come on so often any more.

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