Thursday, 4 March 2010

vaadin 6.3 ant build target

The vaadin source web page still has out-dated build instructions.
I tried:
vaadin/6.3/build>$ ant package-linux                                                                                                         
Buildfile: build.xml

Target "package-linux" does not exist in the project "Vaadin".

Total time: 0 seconds

Looking at the following I realised that things have changed a bit:
$ ant -p
Buildfile: build.xml

Main targets:

build Build package required files, without packing them.
compile-widgetset Compiles the widgetset given as the first parameter
package-all Build public packages.
package-jar Create vaadin-x.y.z.jar file.
package-jar-quick Create vaadin-x.y.z.jar file quick.
test-build used for testing build.xml
test-package used for testing build.xml
Default target: package-all

So I tried the following starting building like crazy:
$ ant package-all                                                      
Buildfile: build.xml

But it got stuck on:

[echo] Checking out manual from repository
[mkdir] Created dir: /stf/prj/fs/vaadin/6.3/build/checkout

Finally I did:
$ ant package-jar

and the jar finally got built!

Total time: 10 minutes 49 seconds

Will try out package-jar-quick next...

This made me shout out complaints about ant (ask my co-workers) and fall in love with maven all over again.

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