Wednesday, 8 July 2009

explore bazaar

The up an coming bzr explorer is really promising to become: version control for human beings!

I tried to do a commit in it today and the following was very nice:
  • I can have the diff and the commit windows open simultaneously to be able to referback. (this was a problem before for me because both wants to lock to branch)
  • The auto-completion of words and filenames is awesome.
I tried to take a snapshot but [fn]+[prt_sc] launched infinite ksnapthots :( (but thats another story). After some reboots, I tried again:

  • trying to find related revisions is almost impossible on the commandline (i.e. it took too long), but its so nice with qlog.
  • The commit progress is also ultra cool

  • Save draft commit messages eg. every 30 seconds (like gmail). Anything can happen while or after you typed the message and before you hit commit eg. a power failure.
  • In my case, my computer basically crashed when I tried to make a snapshot and it launched the infinite ksnapshots. (bonus points for a [save now] button!)
  • [esc] should close qdiff windows
  • qannotate
    • ctrl+G should go to a line (like gannotate)
    • ctrl+F should start a search (like gannotate)

So far I made an alias to be able to launch it while at the branch in a terminal:
alias be='bzr explore . &'
But I suspect I'll have a bzr explore icon on my application launcher soon.

Version control is getting so cool that I'm be tempted to quit coding and become a full-time version-controllist. :-P whooa endorphin rush..

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  1. thank you for your review !
    I'm discovering bazaar and was looking for some bzr gui client.