Thursday, 4 June 2009

Howto setup up a queue in glassfish.

This is my first attempt to setup queues on glassfish, so its probably not the best way, but its simple and it works for me for now.
Using the glassfish admin console:

* Configuration -> Java message Service -> Physical Destinations
- [New]
- Give it a name eg. my_test_queue and select queue.
- [Ok]
* Resources -> JMS Resources -> Destination Resources
- [New]
- JNDI Name: queues/my_test_queue
- Physical Destination Name: my_test_queue (must be the name you set above)
- Resource Type: javax.jms.Queue
- [Ok]
* Resources -> JMS Resources -> Connection Factories
(you only need one connection factory per type, not one per queue)
- [New]
- JNDI Name: connectionfactories/queueconnectionfactory
- Resource Type: javax.jms.QueueConnectionFactory
- [Ok]

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