Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Alfresco pain

After struggling a lot, I finally got Alfresco running on my Glassfish (v2ur2-b04),
for a couple of minutes then it broke again. I'll update this if I get it working one day.

First of all, look at the following for how to install using an oracle db.
Which worked mostly, except it seems like you have to use the AlfrescoOracle9Dialect eg.:

Initially I got the following exceptions:
Invocation of init method failed; nested exception is java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.objectweb.asm.ClassWriter.(Z)V
Caused by: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.objectweb.asm.ClassWriter.

Invocation of init method failed; nested exception is java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.objectweb.asm.ClassVisitor.visit(IILjava/lang/String;Lj
Caused by: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.objectweb.asm.ClassVisitor.visit
This was fixed by putting the correct hibernate jars in the domain1/lib and domain1/lib/ext folders.
I put asm-attrs.jar, cglib-2.1.3.jar, ojdbc14_g.jar (for oracle) in domain1/lib and
asm.jar, serializer.jar, xalan.jar in domain1/lib/ext

Next when I tried to log into the share webapp, I got the following:
"The remote server may be unavailable or your authentication details have not been recognized."
Thanks to the following link I figured out that alfresco does not like to run on a different port the server port is hardcoded into the war files in several places:

Since I'd like to run it on a non-default port, I updated the port number by replacing all occurrences of 8080 with 12080.

I'm lazy so I did it like this:
$ cd domain1
$ replace 8080 12080 -- `find -iname "*.wsdl"`
$ replace 8080 12080 -- `find -iname "*.xml"`
$ replace 8080 12080 -- `find -iname "*.ftl"`
(btw this replace command I used is part of mysql-server-5.0: /usr/bin/replace)
http://wiki.alfresco.com/wiki/Changing_Default_Port_Configuration for more info.

Next I got this exception in my logs:

org.alfresco.web.framework.exception.RendererExecutionException: Unable to execute 'body' JSP include: /site-index.jsp
Caused by: java.lang.ClassCastException: org.alfresco.tools.FakeHttpServletResponse cannot be cast to org.apache.coyote.tomcat5.CoyoteResponseFacade

I found a fixed up version of alfresco-web-framework.jar which goes in domain1/applications/j2ee-modules/share/WEB-INF/lib on this forum:
Now I could actually log in.

But somewere along the line I got the following:
org.alfresco.web.framework.exception.RendererExecutionException: FreemarkerProcessor failed to process template: org/alfresco/global/slingshot-login.ftl
Caused by: freemarker.core.InvalidReferenceException: on line 32, column 70 in org/alfresco/global/slingshot-login.ftl link not found.
on line 32, column 70 in org/alfresco/global/slingshot-login.ftl link not found.
The problematic instruction:
==> user-directive link [on line 32, column 70 in org/alfresco/global/slingshot-login.ftl]
in user-directive template.body [on line 6, column 1 in org/alfresco/global/slingshot-login.ftl]
and what fixed it for me AFAICT is to add the sun-web.xml described here:

mm.. seems like everything is not working for me yet. I have to switch between the patched and the original versions of alfresco-web-framework.jar (i.e log in with the one and play further with the other)

I'm doing a svn checkout at the moment to see if the developent verion works better on glassfish.
Maybe I can submit some patches if necessary.

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  1. Mr Marius

    I am getting this same thing with DDEAWEB (our own custom app written my Ziyaad)

    And looks like I am following your workaround :)

    But now it seems like it's GlassFish : http://tai-dev.blog.co.uk/2010/01/21/nosuchmethoderror-org-objectweb-asm-classwriter-when-deploying-your-app-to-a-new-instance-of-glassfish-v2-1-1-it-looks-like-the-upgraded-fins-are-7849068/