Thursday, 11 December 2008

Symbolic link not allowed

I got the following nasty exception in my /var/log/apache2/error_log,
and it took me too long to figure out how to fix it:

Symbolic link not allowed or link target not accessible: /opt/gforge5/plugins/scmbzr

Where in my case /opt/gforge5/plugins/scmbzr is a symlink to somewhere else.
I checked and rechecked all my permissions, but nothing worked.

So eventually it turns out that for every directory in the path where you have symlinks, you need something like:

Options FollowSymLinks

(because I have a symlink in plugins called scmbzr)

Thanks a LOT to Ivan Van Laningham who mentioned this on some mailinglist:


  1. Ugh... I can't believe it was something that simple. Literally one line in one of my directives.

    Thanks a ton for your tip which got my mental gears cranking.

  2. so that works for me for a file in a directory, but not for an entire directory

  3. Thanks for the tip......the followsymlink option was everywhere but the cgi-bin directory directive in the main httpd.conf file..


  4. thanks a lot, it worked like charm..